JqueryMobile Alpha 1.04 Release

We are that much closer to the initial beta release of JQueryMobile with today’s Alpha 1.04 release.

jquery mobile alpha

JqueryMobile is what drives the mobile video squeeze pages that are created at MobiLovesMe.

American Express Ready For Smartphone Payments

American Express announced Serve.

American Express today unveiled Serve(SM), a digital payment and commerce platform that gives consumers a new way to spend, send and receive money with services that go beyond the existing global payment networks.

With Serve, consumers can make purchases and person-to-person (P2P) payments online (serve.com), via mobile phones, and at millions of merchants who accept American Express cards. Serve unifies multiple payment options into a single account that can be funded from a bank account, debit, credit or charge card, or by receiving money from another Serve account.

Serve is an easy-to-use, digital alternative aimed at consumers who currently rely on cash, check and debit card. Serve accounts can be accessed via Serve Apple iOS and Android applications, at Serve.com and through Facebook. Through Serve, American Express aims to expand into new segments of the market that do not rely on traditional charge and credit cards to manage their day-to-day finances.

Almost sounds like they are trying to compete with Paypal.  This reminds me of Starbuck’s foray into mobile payments.

I’ve never thought of American Express as hip and trendy … American Express Serve has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  Go figure.

MobiLovesMe Monthly

Speaking of “that much closer”, the monthly version of the MobiLovesMe mobile video squeeze page builder is nearing completion.

Testing is underway and expected to be complete tomorrow (no April Fool’s joke)!

The monthly version includes the ability to store and serve mobile squeeze pages from the MobiLovesMe server.

Will update your when ready.


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