What Is Coming Down The Mobile Marketing Pipe

Heidi Cohen

Excellent presentation by Heidi Cohen regarding mobile marketing.

She provides 56 facts regarding the mobile marketplace, mobile marketing, mobile social media, mobile apps, mobile advertising, SMS/Test messaging, mobile commerce, and location based services.

From her site:

With smartphone usage projected to reach 50% in 2011, it’s time to consider how you’re going to incorporate mobile into your overall marketing mix. One thing is certain, whether you’re an online or offline organization, you need a mobile destination with supporting mobile search advertising, otherwise, you’re leaving an opportunity on the table. The reality is that consumers use smartphones to gather information about their purchase alternatives while they’re in a retail establishment. If you’re not present when they use their phone to search, they may leave and buy from your competitor.

What Will Drive Mobile Marketing and Advertising in 2011

Here are some mobile trends anticipated.

Relevance will be the key revenue driver for new mobile based services.  Mentioned are location based services, augmented reality.

Increased privacy and spam awareness.  Lets hope we maintain some dignity in this space (please).  This is coming from someone who has had his email address violated (me).

Mobile based coupons and loyalty programs.

Video insert ads on mobile.

Incentive based opt-in and ad sponsored content.  I’m going to say that incentive based opt-in is already here :)

Viral strategies via social media.

Increased adoption of QR codes by advertisers and acceptance by consumers.

More sophisticated location based mobile ads.

Mobile app inserts.


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